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Little Gems Rock Shop - your order is safe with us

Welcome to Little Gems Rock Shop please take your time exploring our site we have over 5000 lines for sale on our secture website,we have Crystals just a few are listed here amethyst caves and clusters. aragonite spudnics clusters and crystals,apatite in yellow green and blue,azurite with malachite from morocco,ametrine,atacamite,andalusite,anhyrite,barites,brazilianite,calcite in optical golden green blue and rainbow,carnelian new large specimens in from india,celestite crystals & clusters,chalcopyrite,citrine clusters & crystals,copal,crocoite,crysoprase,copper,crysocolla,chalcadony,diptase,diopside,epidote,eliat stone,flourite clusters,fuchite,fulgarite,garnets specartine specsartite hessonite grossulrite almandine,hematite,herkimar diamonds,holandite,herderite,helidor,iddcrase otherwise known as vesuvranite,iolite,iron pyrite as clusters suns and flowers,jet,jasper red yellow orbicular ocean and zebra,kyanite blue green and black,kunzite pink and green,larimar,lapis,lazulite,lepidolite,linomite,merlinite,malachite,meteorite,mookite,morganite,moldavite,nummite & many many more, CHOOSING A CRYSTAL . . . Use the guide inside our online store to decide which crystals might be beneficial to you and then when choosing the individual stone just follow your intuition; the stone that you are drawn to is the one to choose. CLEANSING . . . It is advisable cleanse the stone by putting into running water for a few minutes after you have brought it and after using for healing. This is said to wash away negative energy that the stone picks up. If however the crystal looks very delicate it is wise to check when buying the stone that the mineral is robust enough to be washed. USING YOUR CRYSTAL . . . Simply get to know your stone at first. Relax whilst holding it and go to sleep with it under your pillow. You can as your knowledge progresses place it on a chakra. Details of these can be found in the many books that we sell on the subject. RECHARGING . . . After cleansing you stone it needs charging for maximum benefit; simply place in sunlight in the daytime when not in use or the moonlight at nighttime. MEDICAL ADVICE . . . Always consult a doctor if you have symptoms that worry you as all alternative therapies are meant to run alongside conventional treatment and not to replace them.