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A brief Introduction to Crystal Healing

The following is a brief introduction to using Crystals and Gemstones for Healing Relaxation and Meditation. I have tried to put into Simple plain English a brief summary of some of the minerals that we stock, and the benefits many people have gained from the use of various Crystals.

CHOOSING Use the guide below to decide which crystals might be beneficial to you and then when choosing the individual stone just follow your intuition; the stone that you are drawn to is the one to choose.
CLEANSING It is advisable cleanse the stone by putting into running water for a few minutes after you have brought it and after using for healing. This is said to wash away negative energy that the stone picks up. If however the crystal looks very delicate it is wise to check when buying the stone that the mineral is robust enough to be washed.
USING YOUR CRYSTAL Simply get to know your stone at first. Relax whilst holding it and go to sleep with it under your pillow. You can as your knowledge progresses place it on a chakra. Details of these can be found in the many books that we sell on the subject.
RECHARGING After cleansing you stone it needs charging for maximum benefit; simply place in sunlight in the daytime when not in use or the moonlight at nighttime.
MEDICAL ADVICE always consult a doctor if you have symptoms that worry you as alternative therapies are meant to run alongside conventional treatment

A-Z List Of Crystals & Properties

Brings strength and courage to the holder

Great for absent-mindedness. Amber helps the body heal itself by turning negative energy into positive. It was said to bring good luck to warriors. Said to calm the nerves.

AMETHYST - Beneficial for: Spiritual Connection to the Divine, Protection, Healing and promoting peace and harmony within oneself and the surrounding environment! A fabulous stone for aiding restful sleep, manifesting inner peace and devotional practice as well as providing cleansing, purifying and transforming the negative to the positive state. It is also supportive for overcoming addictions.

Helps eliminate prejudice. Good for you when the body is undergoing physical change. Good to use in Meditation. This mineral also carries many of the benefits of Amethyst

APOPHYLLITE Beneficial for: Amplifying Reiki healing energy, vision quest, linking with higher levels of consciousness, good for alleviating fear and worry!

ARAGONITE *Beneficial for: Grounding, Earth connection, providing cleansing, clearing and balance to the auric field, as well as being healing for the emotions. It is strengthening and harmonising to the Physical body increasing stamina and helps provide relief from conditions such as restless leg syndrome.

AQUAMARINE- Beneficial for: Protection particularly over water or when travelling. Soothing on the emotions and aids calm, clear, truthful communication and expression from the heart. Releases and cleanses old negative patterns particularly in relationships! Said to help with any inflammation condition including allergic reactions and sensitivities including hay fever!

BLUE CHALCEDONY - Beneficial for: Soothing and calm to the mind, body and spirit. Ideal for promoting inner and outer communications. Healing for the inner child. It provides healing for any throat chakra imbalance or inflammation!

BLUE LACE AGATE - Beneficial for: promoting clear and gentle communication. Wonderful for instilling truthfulness and confidence. Healing for ailments of the throat chakra and said to help with Arthritis.

BLUE TOPAZ - Beneficial for: connection with Angels of truth and wisdom. Inspires creative expression and confidence in oneself. Wonderful for spirit communication and channelling. Soothing and calming on the emotions.

Calcite - Alleviates fear and stress it also inspires joy. Green calcite is said to rid the body of infections. Clear and golden calcite's are good energy sources.

Absorbs negative moods from the environment. Accelerates spiritual growth and inspires creative expression

A balancing stone that also helps mental stability

Gives Cheer and Light Heartedness. Said to help financial luck

Reduces inferiority complexes. Helps the lovesick. Good for balancing the yin and yang in the body.

Stimulates the intellect and helps people getting along with others.

Enhances perceptions and helps the nervous system

Helps bring order to chaos. A powerful healing stone it also helps calm the over excitable. Strengthens the bones and teeth

Encourages optimism and so is great for stress and depression. A grounding stone. Good for the blood

Iron Pyrites
Aids Digestion. It influences a more positive outlook on life. Inspires leadership

A soothing and calming stone

Never needs cleansing and has a tranquil and calming effect. It helps the user to perceive. Great for people who find it difficult to relax sufficiently and can help them to meditate.

Helps one work around changing situations. Relieves insecurity apprehension and reduces stress. Brings patience to the holder.

Lapis Lazuli
It brings peace and general relaxation to the body and mind. It is said to bring success to relationships. Many believe it protects the holder against physical danger

Moon Stone
A female stone good for all women going through transitional stages. Commonly used for period pains. Also a good emotional balancing stone for all.

Moss Agate
Helps persuasiveness. Improves self-esteem. It has been said to help in acquisition of riches

Enhances intuition,Inspires self esteem and contentment

A great anti-toxin gemstone. A good tonic for the body and mind. It reduces stress yet stimulates the mind

Quartz (Rock Crystal)
Absorbs negativity; great near VDU's etc. Gives Strength and Energy. It is an excellent channeller for healing

Rose Quartz
A Calming Stone that dispels Stored Anger, Jealousy, Fear, Grief and resentment. Eases emotional imbalance

Rutile Quartz
A powerful healing stone it also stimulates mental activity and eases depression

Helps you bring about the fulfilment of dreams

Satin Spar
An aphrodisiac also enhances will power and relives stress.

Smokey Quartz
Releases negativity such as grief, old anger, depression and resentment. A soothing and relaxing stone.

Alleviates fear and calms and clears the mind. Enhances communication

Helps to balance the masculine and feminine aspects in everyone's personality. Can be used to assist changing vocations

Tigers Eye
Beneficial to the digestive system. Inspires you to be brave. A grounding stone

Soothing, peaceful and tranquillising

All colours offer a strong protective influence, it is a powerful healer of mental disorders and assists the troubled mind to rest. It can be used to stimulate inspiration. The Black form repels negativity from other people. The green inspires creativity and can attract success and prosperity. Rubellite, pink tourmaline is a stone of love and creativity that also promotes joy

A powerful protector against all pollutants. Inspires friendship and loyalty

Said to help in mathematical comprehension. A good stone for raising your awareness. It also dispels anger and can help in psychic healing

Enhances ones patience. Helps people burdened by many responsibilities. Can be use to combat chills and to warm the extremities

Releases emotional stress helps produce a positive attitude to the environment brings calmness and serenity

Good for the throat and using on the throat chakra and relieving neck and shoulder pain

Enhances creativity. Can be used to help find solutions to problems. Good for the nervous system

It installs a feeling o well being and inflowing power. It helps regulate circulation

Release stress stimulates the thyroid gland Strengthens lungs

Excellent for dreaming if placed under you pillow provides protection from emotional and physical harm
Helps in overcoming emotional burdens and also when changes are going on in your life.

Can be used alongside other crystals to help speed up the healing process. It can be use to bring yourself back to a good state of mind after emotional confrontation

Good for depression rheumatism and arthritis raises the spirit. Stimulates the sex drive

Can stimulate physic abilities. It can amplify the power of other crystals it is placed on. This stone can be used to attune you or someone else to a place or person.

A stone that takes a long time to make itself known but Raises consciousness and helps balance and heal the entire being. In china traditionally a stone of protection inner strength and good luck

It has been use to treat stomachache headache and toothache and colds. It also dispels fearful thoughts

Red provides protective earth energy a stone of good luck especially for travel Yellow has used as good luck in travel by the west Indians

Helps in activating intellect. A lucky stone for the gardener. A good stone for business pursuits also good for the digestive system (place on to the stomach).

Excellent stone for channelling also good for the brain and central nervous system.

Helps focus ones Earth energy on the body & Earth plane: Grounds Centres & Balances
Gathers & Calms Scattered Energies. Reduces stress Particularly when induced by conflicts with other people

OBSIDIAN snowflake & black
A very powerful healing stone that absorbs negativity and offers protection for sensitive people this releases many pent up feelings use rose quartz after this stone to help relieve the feelings this stone can unearth

Can be used to help banish grief. Can help in decision making

Best worn in times of better health in body and mind as this stone tends to reflect a persons mood back onto itself so great for the good days

Can help in stopping worry over minor things. Has been known to help in back problems.

It is an excellent crystal to help meditation and connection with the past and finding guidance

An aid to the heart promotes friendship and goodwill
A good energy conductor helps a balance of the emotional mental and physical self .helps creativity and intuition

Pink tourmaline
Leads with the heart and helps if you wish to devote yourself to a task or way of life a channelling stone. It gives you insight into your emotions relieves inner conflict and pain

Gives a high energy boost strengthens immunity increases courage

Soothes the nervous system especially suited to women as it has a soft and feminine feel to it

A excellent stone to help you meditate

These crystals produce a good force field when used in a grid. They ca be used to open and release energy blockages

An excellent healing stone it also helps the holder to forgive others and themselves .A good stone for helping prevent headaches. Helps dispel feelings of disorder Also a good stone to carry if you are surrounded by people who you feel you've nothing in common with.

Can clear and energise the chakras good for increasing vitality encourages independence

Helps focus thought and helps an awareness of your soul. Inspiring and stimulating as a stone

Helps balance the emotional body. In illness it can help you intuition guide you to a possible deep underlying cause



What are they for?

Pendulums are primarily used for dowsing. Dowsing's primary function is to find an answer/solution to a question/problem. People have used dowsing for centuries to divine for water, to find ley-lines, to aid one in decision-making or even to look for missing persons!

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum can be a crystal, pendant, or metal hanging object suspended on a piece of ribbon, thread or chain. The object should not be too light and should be of a substantial weight hanging straight, to work efficiently. The choosing of a pendulum will be a very individual and personal thing. Everyone will have there own preference regarding the choice of which pendulum is right for or will work for them, (e.g. one may have preference to a pendant worn around their neck, whilst another may prefer to carry a pendulum around in a pouch in their pocket etc). Only you will know what's right for you - let your intuition guide you and go with what you feel!

How will I know if it will work for me?

There are many different methods to find out if a pendulum will work for you or not. One of the most basic and reliable methods of testing is to ask the pendulum directly through a series of specific questions!
First hold the pendulum suspended by the chain/thread etc, in your hand of preference so that it hangs straight and still. Then ask the pendulum "Please show me with clarity and truth your answer for yes" the pendulum should start to swing back and forth or move in a clockwise/anticlockwise rotation. Note which way the pendulum moves. Then ask your pendulum to " show you with clarity and truth an answer for no", again note which way the pendulum moves (it should move differently to that of the yes answer). Once you have determined which way the pendulum answers "yes" and "no", it is wise to test it with questions you know the answer to (the pendulum should move "yes" for "yes" answers and "no" for "no" ones accordingly) - in doing this you will know whether or not the pendulum will work with you truthfully and for the highest good of one and all (this should primarily always be the case). If the pendulum either does not move or gives the wrong answers to the questions you know, don't use it, it is most likely this pendulum is not the right one for you so try another one! When you have found one that will work with you, that's all there really is to the choosing of your pendulum! You have found your pendulum!

Crystal pendulums

Crystal pendulums have the added benefit of combining the healing benefits/properties of the crystal with a tool for dowsing. At Little Gems we have an assortment of crystal pendulums for you to choose from. E.g.: Clear quartz, Amethyst, Smokey quartz, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Obsidian, Jasper, Agate and many more etc…(good problem solving ones are Agate, Carnelian, Tourmaline, Rutilated Quartz, Quartz and Obsidian!) You could choose a crystal pendulum which is specifically related to what its use will be for, e.g.: - for dowsing in love matters or relationships, etc… - Rose Quartz would be ideal!

Enjoy using your pendulum!

Once purchasing your pendulum you can use it whenever you want. You will find it so useful and helpful in dowsing for all sorts of things, you won't want to leave the house without it! Infact it will work all the better if you are able to keep/carry/wear your pendulum on or with you as often as possible (it will attune with your vibration and therefore work more effectively for you). Always keep your pendulum safe however, and for your own personal use only - this way you can be sure it will help and work solely for you and not be interfered by another's vibrations (which could effect the clarity and truth of an answer in whatever it is you are dowsing)!
It is also a good idea to get into the habit before dowsing to ask your pendulum whether it "will work for you today"(don't forget to always ask it to show you the answer with clarity and truth). It may be that occasionally for whatever reason it may not want to work. This could be for any number of reasons e.g.: the question is not clear/specific enough, or it is undecided on the answer/it is not the right time to give an answer - if this happens, ask again later, and if it repeatedly happens leave it and try another day. May be you already know your answer deep down or maybe non-action is required to the question involved! So it would be wise to be prudent and patient in getting your answer - the more you use your pendulum, the more you'll recognise and know the answers automatically to respective questions. Most of all enjoy using your pendulum - I wouldn't be without mine!

Happy dowsing!
At Little Gems we will be only too happy to try and answer any queries or questions you may have regarding Pendulums, crystals etc… just drop us a line or give us a call.

text copyrite of little Gems 2004

Massage Wands


What is Massage?

Massage is beneficial to us in a variety of ways. It can improve blood circulation, calm the nervous system, improve muscle tone, stimulate skin function, ease muscular and joint aches and pains and most of all it 'feels' wonderful!

Massage is a gentle art form of healing which is suitable for anyone of any age. However, there are times and conditions when it would be best avoided (e.g. on a full stomach). Using your commonsense is the best insight, quite often all it will entail is leaving out a specific body area or if unsure leave completely alone.

Most importantly do not massage any bruised or broken skin, an area of infection, or a person with a high temperature/fever, an area of varicose veins or any swollen or inflamed area.
Basically massage is a way of stroking the body with variations in length and depth of strokes. You should however, always-direct firm strokes towards the heart. The long flowing massage strokes with the minimal pressure on the body are the most soothing and relaxing (this technique is known as effleurage). The whole hand is used, by giving gentle even pressure, which is often performed at the start and finish of a massage.

Putting it into practice!

Here are some simple guidelines in the use of a massage wand or a large tumbled stone:

The secret is to work very gently using small circular movements over any painful area of the body, anti-clockwise (unwinding) first to remove pain, then clockwise to put the crystal healing energy in - use your intuition to guide you with respect to how long you unwind for, and like wise to wind in aswell, you will know and feel when it is right to stop! If the area is very painful it is highly advised that you must work just slightly away from the body in the aura; this is known as aura massage.
Try using two different crystals if possible, maybe for example a Smokey quartz, amethyst, tourmaline or obsidian for removing/taking out the pain (unwinding) and a clear quartz, fluorite, citrine or rose quartz for putting the healing energy in.
The healing properties of the crystal you choose will depend upon what it is needed for (e.g. Smokey quartz, tourmaline and selenite (this is a very good all over cleanser) work well on back problems whilst rose quartz is very good with regard to balancing the emotions and promoting the release of impurities. It is very calming/soothing in cases of stress and tension and as well as being good for the skin and muscles it can stimulate the proper functioning of the heart and can be used to decrease coughs and sooth the lung and bronchial area!
Have a go at trying to work only in the aura, using massage techniques.

If you are not qualified in massage, no more than this is recommended. Like wise it would be wise to consult a qualified crystal therapist/practitioner before using any crystal you are not familiar with, regarding its healing properties/benefits. Crystals are very powerful and need treating with respect!

Here at 'Little Gems' we offer you an assortment of various different massage wands. Each one is reasonably priced and totally unique. They all vary in size, shape and crystal to cater for your individual needs. We are only too happy to help you if you need to know any more - just drop us a line or give us a call!

text copyrite of little Gems 2004


Little Gems Rock Shop - your order is safe with us

Welcome to Little Gems Rock Shop please take your time exploring our site we have over 5000 lines for sale on our secture website,we have Crystals just a few are listed here amethyst caves and clusters. aragonite spudnics clusters and crystals,apatite in yellow green and blue,azurite with malachite from morocco,ametrine,atacamite,andalusite,anhyrite,barites,brazilianite,calcite in optical golden green blue and rainbow,carnelian new large specimens in from india,celestite crystals & clusters,chalcopyrite,citrine clusters & crystals,copal,crocoite,crysoprase,copper,crysocolla,chalcadony,diptase,diopside,epidote,eliat stone,flourite clusters,fuchite,fulgarite,garnets specartine specsartite hessonite grossulrite almandine,hematite,herkimar diamonds,holandite,herderite,helidor,iddcrase otherwise known as vesuvranite,iolite,iron pyrite as clusters suns and flowers,jet,jasper red yellow orbicular ocean and zebra,kyanite blue green and black,kunzite pink and green,larimar,lapis,lazulite,lepidolite,linomite,merlinite,malachite,meteorite,mookite,morganite,moldavite,nummite & many many more, CHOOSING A CRYSTAL . . . Use the guide inside our online store to decide which crystals might be beneficial to you and then when choosing the individual stone just follow your intuition; the stone that you are drawn to is the one to choose. CLEANSING . . . It is advisable cleanse the stone by putting into running water for a few minutes after you have brought it and after using for healing. This is said to wash away negative energy that the stone picks up. If however the crystal looks very delicate it is wise to check when buying the stone that the mineral is robust enough to be washed. USING YOUR CRYSTAL . . . Simply get to know your stone at first. Relax whilst holding it and go to sleep with it under your pillow. You can as your knowledge progresses place it on a chakra. Details of these can be found in the many books that we sell on the subject. RECHARGING . . . After cleansing you stone it needs charging for maximum benefit; simply place in sunlight in the daytime when not in use or the moonlight at nighttime. MEDICAL ADVICE . . . Always consult a doctor if you have symptoms that worry you as all alternative therapies are meant to run alongside conventional treatment and not to replace them.