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Little Gems is often described by our Customers as 'an Aladdin's Cave of Crystals Fossils & Gemstones' we are a family run company helped by dedicated staff and have been supplying lovingly hand picked specimens for over 12 years. All of us at "Little Gems" have one thing in common, our love of crystals and fossils and a desire to help all who have similar passion. We are a Direct Importer so our Crystals and Fossils are hand picked at source where possible from South America and Europe which we visit regularly in search of new specimens. We have a shop in CROMER near Norwich in North Norfolk (which is visited by customers from around the country) as well as a well stocked wholesale warehouse that is open by appointment to the trade. We have a large secure online web shop which both retail and wholesale sections. We specialise in supplying unique and unusual gifts, raw crystal specimens and crystal jewellery along with polished stones from simple tumble stones to spheres obelisks gem stone eggs and crystal hearts. Whether you are interested in Crystal Healing, Geology or just want to own beautiful, natural and unique items, we deal both through our shop or mail order; where we personally select the items for you through this site.
Please take time to explore our site and if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to phone us on 01263 519 519
Although we are online - we love to have face to face or phone contact with you too, so why not visit us at 2a Mount street, Cromer Norfolk UK NR27 9DB.
There are many lines not yet listed on this site as the web site stock is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the companies stock and more coming in every week!

Danny Hickling, Gail Hickling and Team
Little Gems
For Informal News and Discussions why not vistit our main facebook pages.

"Little Gems" our direct link is
Below are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers..

"I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for the fantastic crystals I
have just received, the orbicular jasper is simply amazing and the
charoite has a great vibe! not to mention the quick delivery".

"To date my experiences of internet shopping for crystals has not been
a good one at all, at last I have found a great way to buy the crystals
my little local shop cant supply - and they not only arrive, but they
arrive as described and happy" J.R.

"Wow - extremely fast postage! And well packed parcel, which I received this morning. Thank you so much for a pleasant transaction and for the speedy dispatch. The stones are beautiful - I bought them for my daughter and I know she will be very pleased with them" JJ

"Thank you so much for the beautiful pendants I received yesterday-what a
wonderful service you provide-how quick!!!
I can't wait to visit your shop and see what other gorgeous things you have.
Thank you again" I.S

"I would like to compliment you on offering an excellent service. I ordered my jeweler on 12/11 and received it on the 13th. I am really pleased with it and will consider ordering from you again and will recommend you to my friend and family" SE

"Just to let you know the cave arrived today and looks great!!!!
We are very happy with it so many thanks!" VL

"Just to say Thank You for my order which I received today, the amazing
Mammoth Bone sculpted face and the Smokey Australian Diamond.
All fantastic, you picked out a lovely crystal and the Bone face is magic."JC

"Thanks very much for the Crystals - they arrived Friday and now on display. They are great and am very impressed by the quality. We will definitely be coming to visit in about 6 week's time" P

"Hello, what a wonderful website you have, and your selection of crystals is fantastic. It is so good to get onto a website that has everything available and with so much detail"

"Just wanted to email you to say thank you for bringing me a few minutes of joy in my busy day" S.W.

"Just wanted to say thank you for getting my order shipped so quickly! I received it last thurs. And also, they are really amazing pieces, so thank you for that as well!!" KL

"The skulls arrived today and have surpassed all my expectations. They are truly beautiful. The lapis lazuli is an incredible colour and the carving is wonderful" S.N.

"Thank you for the delivery, beautiful. Beautiful as always keep up the good work" J.W.

"I have just received the kyanite blade and wanted to write to say thank you. From seeing the pictures on your web site, which accurately showed the crystal to its best, I knew this was the crystal I had been seeking. The quick well packed delivery has given more than I hoped and I am extremely happy" A.T.

"Thank you for all your help and knowledge at the weekend. We really enjoyed the visit and found lots of lovely crystals. It was great to have the help of such a friendly, welcoming team". B & D

"Just a quick note to thank you yet again for your superb service
tumbler ordered Monday morning at 7-00am
running Tuesday afternoon--fantastic service" T.J

"Thank you. My parcel arrived yesterday morning, and wow, the joy when I unpacked it. They are all so beautiful and magical. They are being cleansed at the moment and I can't wait to start working with them. Each piece is stunning in their own right but I think the smokey cluster is particularly magical, but they are all stunning. Thank you so much. And the speed in which were delivered was unexpected and I thank you. Also for the hand written note on the delivery invoice". L.M.

Stone Polishers

we stock a range of ever popular stone polishers or stone tumblers that are popular with both children and adults alike CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECT TO STONE POLISHER PAGES

The Polishing process is performed in three steps and takes 3-4 weeks in
total from start to finish and will polish 25 to 50 stones per barrel
depending on the barrel size instructions below.

P.S Polishing instructions that you asked about are-.

Stage one.

2/3 to 3/4 fill your barrel with stones of a similar hardness about 3/4 inch in size. Add water to the top of the stones then a tablespoon of course 80 grit. Close the lid securely and place the barrel on the tumbling machine. Start the machine & leave it to tumble for 5 - 8 days. After this time wash the stones & the inside of the barrel & lid very well to ensure that there are no traces of course grit left (very important if poor results are to be avoided), use a tooth brush or similar if this helps.

Stage two.

Return the stones to the barrel & add water to the top of the stones then a tablespoon of fine 400 grit. Close the lid securely and again leave to tumble for 12 - 14 days. Follow the steps in stage one for barrel cleaning.

Stage three.

Return the stones to the barrel & add water to the top of the stones then a tablespoon of polish (cerium oxide). Start the machine & leave it to tumble for 5 - 8 days to complete.

Further information below
The benefits of having more than one barrel is several stages can take place
at once meaning you can get results more frequently

Trade Enquiries

We have a wholesale warehouse in North Norfolk with over 1000 sq feet of crystals on display situated on the Beautifull North Norfolk coast a visit combined with a short break makes a ideal introduction to Little Gems

We welcome all trade enquiries please take the time to follow the link and fill in the details after applying for trade details this will allow you to browse our BULK trade website
please E MAIL US FOR FULL PRICE LIST giving name address contact phone number and nature of business and we will return your e mail with full wholesale price list and online login details

Crystals Stocked

At Little Gems we have literally tons of crystals in stock. Thats why as a single crystal shop we hold one of the largest range of crystals in not just East Anglia but the UK.

We hold huge stocks of Amethyst caves, Citrine Caves Quartz Crystals from Brazil Madagascar and the Himalayas and we particularly specialise in Quartz crystals with unusual configerations from Cathedral quartz to Isis time links, Record keepers and Elestials.
We have a huge range of amethyst and citrine clusters and have large collections of moldavite from the cheq republic as well as many unusual minerals that are always changing such as Albite, Kunzite, purple sapphire, green kyanite and actinalite.

Listed below are just a few of the many crystals we stock in a rough crystaline form, in addition to these we stock many crystals in other forms such as obelisks angels, hearts, polished points, bookends, merkaba stars, shiva linghams, pendulums, healing wands & carvings.

We carry a vast amount of interesting specimens from Morocco including - ametrine, andalusite, anhydrite, barites, brazilianite, calcite in optical, golden, green, blue and rainbow forms.

We import many interresting specimens from around the world including - Carnelian, celestite crystals & clusters, chalcopyrite, citrine cluster crystals, copal, crocoite, crysoprase, copper, crysocolla, chalcedony, diopside, epidote, eliat stone, flourite clusters, fuchsite, fulgarite, garnets including the following types - spessartite, hessonite, grossularite & almandine. Hematite, herkimer diamonds, hollandite, herderite, heliodor, idocrase otherwise known as vesuvianite, iolite, iron pyrite as clusters, suns and flowers. Jet, jasper in - red yellow also orbicular (ocean jasper) and zebra. Kyanite in - blue, green, and black. Kunzite in - pink and green. Larimar, lapis, lazulite, lepidolite, linomite, merlinite, malachite, meteorite, mookite , morganite , moldavite, nuumit. Obsidian in - gold sheen, rainbow, black and snowflake. Opals in boulder opal form, fire opal and black. Onyx black, phantom quartz, pyrite, purpurite , peridot, peacock ore, prehnite, petalite, phenakite, rhodachrosite, rhodanite, rutile quartz. Sapphire in purple, pink, and blue forms. Satin spar, selenite, scapolite, skutterudite, sphene, smithsonite, stibnite, stilbite, spinel, staurolite, star ruby. Tourmaline in - black, water melon, blue, green, red, pink and rubellite also Paraiba tourmaline, dravite brown tourmaline. Tigers eye in - gold, red and blue. Triaphane, tsavorite garnet, turquoise, ulexite, vanadinite, vesuvianite, wavellite, zincite and zircon & many many more.


Moldavite is a fusion glass which formes as a result of a huge meteorite impact in the Moldau Valley, Czechoslovakia which occured over 10 million years ago. Many ipeople have marketed it as extra terrestrial. The general consensus of opinion however is that it is part earth rock part extra terrestrial. Formed at the moment of impact under immense pressures and temperatures meteorite fuses with earth rock and the ejecter is thrown high into the earth's atmosphere where it cools to form fantastic shapes. This tektite from the banks of the river molda is among the most prized of all the tecktite specimens, its luminous green and sculptured texture is so rare and popular that it is thought that it will shortly become extinct.

Moldavite is a stone for major transformation and it is believed to help contact with other Spritial plains. It is thought to help connect with accended masters. and is good stone for the heart chakra.

Lemurian 'Seed' Quartz from Minas GeriasLemurian 'Seed' Quartz from Minas Gerias
These Lemurian seed quartz are from the Diamantina / Minas Gerais area of Brazil and are unique to this single location. Characteristically they generally have a unique milky tinge yet are very clear at the core of the points, they also have unique bar-coded striations running along one or more sides of the point.

These Crystals were said to have been planted in there remote location by the advanced ancient civilization known as the "Lemarians" . The striations on these Crystals when stroked with the index finger of the left hand are said to release knowledge held by the Lemarians that they wished to be passed onto us.

In Conclusion Lemarian seed Quartz connects profoundly to the temple of the heart energy....awakening and activating the Christ consciousness streams of energy available to us now in these important times of existence!!, only one word can be used to describe their metaphysical energies.. 'PURE'..... and so so special.....a real resonance with a deeply loving energy that touches not just the heart but the soul too.

We have a large selection in stock in the shop warehouse and available online with prices from £15 upwards. We also have new rare Smoky and Natural Citrine specimens coming in on our new Brazilian shipment. CLICK HERE TO VIEW SPECIMENS

On a recent buying trip to Brazil I was shown a quantity of a metallic looking stone called Fuchsite.

However this batch was very different to any I had ever seen in my previous buying trips due to its delicate rose hue, as Fuchsite is usually green in colour. It forms in plate-like layers and is very fragile like all other varieties of Mica.

I checked with Kathy on its healing properties , she says

"Like green Fuchsite its energy is light and effervescent connecting very much with the elemental kingdom of fairies and nature devas. Rose Fuchsite is deeply heart centred in its vibration, clearing miasms and emotional blocks locked within this energy centre, Its energy is rather like soft sweet sherbert, reconnecting one with the playful innocence of ones own inner child. When one works with this delightful energy its essence and resonance is one of pure unconditional love, helping one to move into areas of self love forgiveness and acceptance.

It is a fabulous allly and friend when healing from issues concerning lack of self worth, aiding one to over-come the 'need' and co-dependancy and to look to others for the seal approval!. Rose Fuchsite offers a loving and fun relationship stimulating freedom of the heart and soul as well as supporting and inspiring creativity!. Rose Fuchsite works well on the heart and sacral chakras as well as on the Hara point/soul and creative centre (approx 2.5ins width below the naval). Psychologically it is uplifting and joyful breaking through density which is ideal for anyone who is subject to stress and depression with emotional roots associated to past issues linked back to childhood trauma or abuse of any kind.

Emotionally it is soothing and nurturing gifting one with love, lightness and joy as well as offering a powerful sheild to the heart space. Physically it is helpful with nerve related disorders and the muscoskeletal system as well as providing balance and support to the heart and sacral area, balencing these areas. Good for the reproductive area and urogenital system it also is helpful in balancing the subtle bodies and meridians.

Spiritually Rose Fuschite connects to the angelic and fairy realms assisting one to open ones heart and trust through joy and love. It is a stone of happy deliverance, joyfulness, pure lightness and love in every sense of the word!.

Norfolk AmberNorfolk Amber
Amber is the fosilised sap of trees which grew around 40-50 million years ago, much glamorized by the film Jurassic Park. It originates in Scandinavia.

Most of the Amber we now find on this Coast has been brought here by the big push of glaciations in the last Ice Ages. It was brought from the North from what is now Poland, Lithuania and Denmark mixed in with sands and clays.

These deposits both in the cliffs and sea bed have led to Amber occurring on the Coast of Norfolk and Suffolk however in much smaller quantities in recent decades quite possibly due to better Coastal defenses which stop amber bearing sands and clays in the cliffs from being eroded.

Amber tends to be washed up in Norfolk in the winter storms and High Seas between October and March although it can be found at other times of year. The best place to look for Amber is along the High tide mark ideally at high side and if the weather behaves for you whilst walking into the sun; Amber doesn’t float in normal Sea Water but it is very light and therefore tends to get tangled in light sea weed on the High tide Mark. A low Sun also helps as sometimes it can give amber a slight luminescence.

Amber is often confused with other stones of a similar colour especially flint and carnelian, it can easily be identified however as it will scratch with a pen knife neither of the others will. Amber will not float in normal Sea water but it will in strong salt solution 10 spoonfuls of salt in a cup of hot water!!
Amber is very light when compared to another stone and has a duller tone when tapped against another stone.

Little Gems

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Little Gems Rock Shop - your order is safe with us

Welcome to Little Gems Rock Shop please take your time exploring our site we have over 5000 lines for sale on our secture website,we have Crystals just a few are listed here amethyst caves and clusters. aragonite spudnics clusters and crystals,apatite in yellow green and blue,azurite with malachite from morocco,ametrine,atacamite,andalusite,anhyrite,barites,brazilianite,calcite in optical golden green blue and rainbow,carnelian new large specimens in from india,celestite crystals & clusters,chalcopyrite,citrine clusters & crystals,copal,crocoite,crysoprase,copper,crysocolla,chalcadony,diptase,diopside,epidote,eliat stone,flourite clusters,fuchite,fulgarite,garnets specartine specsartite hessonite grossulrite almandine,hematite,herkimar diamonds,holandite,herderite,helidor,iddcrase otherwise known as vesuvranite,iolite,iron pyrite as clusters suns and flowers,jet,jasper red yellow orbicular ocean and zebra,kyanite blue green and black,kunzite pink and green,larimar,lapis,lazulite,lepidolite,linomite,merlinite,malachite,meteorite,mookite,morganite,moldavite,nummite & many many more, CHOOSING A CRYSTAL . . . Use the guide inside our online store to decide which crystals might be beneficial to you and then when choosing the individual stone just follow your intuition; the stone that you are drawn to is the one to choose. CLEANSING . . . It is advisable cleanse the stone by putting into running water for a few minutes after you have brought it and after using for healing. This is said to wash away negative energy that the stone picks up. If however the crystal looks very delicate it is wise to check when buying the stone that the mineral is robust enough to be washed. USING YOUR CRYSTAL . . . Simply get to know your stone at first. Relax whilst holding it and go to sleep with it under your pillow. You can as your knowledge progresses place it on a chakra. Details of these can be found in the many books that we sell on the subject. RECHARGING . . . After cleansing you stone it needs charging for maximum benefit; simply place in sunlight in the daytime when not in use or the moonlight at nighttime. MEDICAL ADVICE . . . Always consult a doctor if you have symptoms that worry you as all alternative therapies are meant to run alongside conventional treatment and not to replace them.